Advantages & Benefits

Consumer Advantages & Benefits

Engineers customize and machine many components so they are unlike any other motor bicycles on the market.

All in Cheata Bikes sells you a motorized bike that stands alone in the market with the following unique production methods:

1) Flywheel timing modifications and enhanced ignition coil system

2) Re-engineered throttle assembly

3) Hand-built and trued wheels – all done in house

4) Proprietary chain tensioner

5) In-house designed engine vibration mounts

6) High quality, sealed bearing headsets

7) Custom-bored engines with front oil drain for easy oil change*

8) Rear drive sprocket and front pedal sprocket machined for concentricity

9) Adjustable front air suspension*

10) Modified ignition kill switch for improved reliability

11) Professional five-step painting process by a Tier I supplier

12) Patent pending rear sprocket assembly

Closer look at the advantages:

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