Thank you visiting All in Cheata Bike’s website.  We sell one of a kind motorized bicycles.  You have your choice between gas only or the new Hybrid gas and electric models.

These bikes are manufactured in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Here’s a short video on the manufacturer:

All in Cheata Bikes has one foot in the past and one in the future — and both feet on the pedals!  The retro design of these bikes are paired with modern technology to give you a unique and innovative product unlike any other!  The engineers design, develop tooling and custom machine many components on the bike.  The engineers modify and bench test every engine for maximum performance and reliability – resulting in up to 30% more torque, greater throttle response and smoother operation than standard engines.

Frequent Ask Questions:

  • What is the engine? high quality 49 cc, 4 cycle engine
  • How fast will the bike go?  30 mph
  • What is the fuel economy?  150 mpg / 75 miles to a tank of gas
  • Are the bikes street legal?   Yes
  • Does the bike have to be registered?  Not in most states/towns
  • Do your legs get hot from the motor?  No
  • Does the bike fit on a bike rack?  Yes, the rack has to support 68 lbs
  • What is the rider weight limit?  Ideal is 230 lbs
  • Can the bikes be ridden off road?  Yes, they can be ridden on trails/paths
  • How do you insure the bike?  Under your personal property for the cost of the bike
made in usa